Can you actually learn a foreign language via Skype?

In today society people focus mostly on the benefits of advanced technology because it has the purpose to facilitate their daily tasks and activities. Even more dbcompressor it broadens their horizons and helps them accumulate more useful information than they actually learn in schools. Of course we are not stating that education loses its importance but we have to admit that adding an alternative that ensures personal development and knowledge does no harm. That being said why not attempt to learn a for…

Effective Study Tips- A Contrary Opinion

Among educators a large majority argue for a standard set of effective study tips used by successful students. But it seems that Dunlosky Rawson Marsh Nathan and Willingham do not agree. In their study Improving students learning with effective learning techniques published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest they evaluated ten of the most common study techniques with surprising results. In their article they divided the ten into three groups The least effective.